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Purpose Marketing


Branding Photography + Webdesign
+ Sinnmarketing

The goal of this project was to create an informative and inspiring new website for Farbraum19 - Atelier für Kunst und begleitetes Malen that would be able to transmit this unique creative experience of accompanied painting with Petra Schnitger.

We immersed in the process of purpose marketing and discovered Petras unique vision and mission in this world. Through fotos with a documentary approach did we capture the people that come to Petra in their unique processes of following their hands revealing personal insights about their lifes.

"A space

      to be."

- Farbraum19
Workshop for Art and Accompanied Painting

The cozy workshop Farbraum 19 from Petra Schnitger is situated in an old goat pen. Petra is a very special character as is her space and the experience she offers.

It is a room to be, to express yourself freely and without judgement. On the one hand you can come to paint in the atelier on the other hand you can enter into what is called accompanied painting and discover things about yourself in this intuitive creative process and so gain more peace with yourself and in your life.

This minimalist website opens with a video of a big brush traverling across a sheet of paper. As you scroll down you find the vision and offers of Farbraum 19.

The images transmit a colourful, experimental and often chaotic impression, as is the creative process that you immerse yourself in while painting.


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